How much do solar panels cost is as easy as answering, how long is a piece of string. There are so many factors which determine the cost; panel quality, inverter brand, installation, fixture type, any pre-work requirements to roof, etc. And as the old saying goes… you get what you pay for.

Ultimately we look for value for money in what we purchase and solar panels are no different.

The Solar Barn are expert commercial solar installers and only use high yielding solar panels and inverters and prices start from under £6,000 for a 4kW install. Ultimately it’s not about install price; it is about return on investment and the money you save in the long term. We are not the cheapest solar installer but we normally offer the best value for money.

Our customers are seeing ROIs of 11-16% or higher, complete payback in 6-9 years, and are cash flow positive in as little as 2 years. High energy users such as those with refrigeration warehouses can half their electricity costs to around 6 pence and earn around 4 pence from the FiT subsidy (October 2016).The Solar Barn can provide electricity yield comparisons using independent software for all makes of panels and inverters to help you make an informed choice.

In the first year of installation the entire capital cost can be offset against the businesses tax bill. Furthermore the solar PV system does not have to be owned by the business so it can be part of a pension fund which is extremely tax efficient.

The Solar Barn are not tied in to any particular supplier and install any type of panel or inverter required by the customer, providing it is of a known quality brand. 85% of our work comes from repeat business, referrals from our own customers and their recommendations to others. We take a “consultancy” rather than a “sales” approach to enquiries, being professional, open and honest about a potential project. Not every building or farm is suitable for solar power, we will tell you if this is the case. We pride ourselves on under promising and over delivering.